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  • 09/20/16--17:01: Block printing in Jaipur.
  • We see block printing often, and we are also presented with those wonderful woodblocks that seem to find their way to the craft shows we attend. Seeing how they are made was fascinating. There is always a story behind everything we handle and this one is fascinating.


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  • 09/23/16--17:54: Jaipur, Design, inspiration.
  • Its getting harder to keep up with the blog, I'm a day behind but all I can say is this is probably the most amazingly visual trip I have ever undertaken.


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    Working in primitive conditions, in an area the size of a small bedroom, the most amazing pieces of fabric come to life. Who would imagine that this beautiful fabric was dyed with mud.


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    Our early morning start was for a 6.30 am flight around Mt Everest, what a way to spend your 70th birthday.!!!! well it will be in a few days. After that flight we were catching another flight to a small city at the base of Everest called Pokhara and it meant a 5.15 am start to the airport in a taxi no bigger than a golf cart. He had to go slow or else our small cases would have decapitated us at a sudden stop. There were few people out on the streets but a few hardy souls, were walking with purpose to an unknown destination joined by a few dogs and the lone cow.


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    Patterns and textures are everywhere. The colors combinations are so unusual but truly inspirational.


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  • 10/18/16--03:06: Article 0
  • It’s almost 3.00 am. At home I could get up and with coffee in hand wend my way across the brick courtyard to the studio. But here in Antigua Guatemala we have just one large room so it’s a bit difficult to do my usual thing of getting up early and working without disturbing husband Keith. You make do on the road, a digestive cookie, dates that were packed in my case from Dubai and room temperature mineral water. A number of my textile art friends on Facebook queried me about the Huipils I purchased yesterday. So I thought I would explain their use, their beauty and what I use them for. I’ve been a huge fan of Huipils since I became aware of Frida Kahlo many years ago. I have a rather large collection and they form a good proportion  of decoration in my house as wall art and throws. To be honest, I only have two that I wear, but I always feel a bit of a fraud wearing them… I think I need to …


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    In January this year, my creative life changed when I purchased the new iPad pro. I bought the largest screen and the largest memory iPad that I could. Then came the wonderful apple pencil. It really has taken me almost all of the year to work through the applications that work in my favor. The main one I use is Adobe sketch.


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    Time for your morning cuppa and a look at some of these beautiful quilts.


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    Step outside the 'normal', known as the expected. Be curious, Be honest, be true to your self, be indignant but learn to "see' the exclusiveness of the experience.


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    For my students coming to Costa Rica with me in January, these are the sort of things that we will be looking at to create Texture. What do you see? Do you have words to describe these moving shapes in the water?


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  • 01/29/17--16:36: The Bird Ballet.
  • I loved the little waders and I spent quite a bit of time filming them. I think they are called Wilsons plovers. They run in cartoon style up the beach following the receding wave and then as if on cue, they turn as one and run back up the beach keeping just ahead of the wave. It was like a Bird Ballet.


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  • 02/02/17--16:47: Tango Mar. –
  • I woke with anticipation in the morning and a just a slight concern about the uncertain. I hadn’t traveled on Jetblue before, I’ve never been to Costa Rica and I was unsure of the timing of the events of the day. But you just let the events slide over you and the inevitable happens. The day proceeds like a thread through fabric, weaving and blending all the events to make one.

    dsc04200pamholland3img_6609img_3780img_0284img_3264img_1223img_3819img_7493Processed with Snapseed.img_3012img_5359img_3862dsc04200pamholland3img_6609img_3780img_0284img_3264img_1223img_3819img_7493Processed with Snapseed.img_3012img_5359img_3862

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  • 02/11/17--06:54: 8 ladies in the bus.
  • I write this in the bus as we drive to the Doha coffee plantation. 8 ladies in the bus. I've been up since 3.30, catching up on paperwork... mainly for the next trip to Mexico. I’m sure that will be another adventure indeed.


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  • 02/12/17--17:37: Images of Mexico City.
  • I put on another jacket today. One of a tour escort, so this morning was spent going over the paperwork and checking, checking and double checking the paperwork. I was still tired but forced myself to go out and walk... I'm very familiar with this area of Mexico City and it was wonderful to loose myself in the mysteries of a busy Sunday afternoon. I watched ballet on a big screen, wandered through small markets in the park and just observed the throng of people.

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  • 02/13/17--05:05: The tools of an artist.
  • I decided just to add the photos of the tools of the artists I have visited. Everything is beautiful, from a bucket of bolts to a piece of metal hanging in a turquoise wall. I hope these images are an inspiration for you,


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    How does one describe a drive in Delhi traffic in a tuk tuk at 7.30 at night. Of course its dark with the lights of thousands of cars, bikes and tuk tuks just inches from each other illuminating the night. The fact that there is a bus just inches from your exposed arm on the door side of the vehicle is just common place, so suck it up honey. Every one of those thousands had a hand on the horn….the noise is deafening and you just accept it.

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    "Once per week this souk, opposite the main souk, attracts women-only buyers and sellers from all over the region, selling a variety of handicrafts such as baskets, woven cushions and camel bags. Men are not welcome and photographs are prohibited in the only souk in the country dedicated to female shoppers." This was the only information I could find on the web regarding the Souk we were about to visit. As far as not taking photos, I asked permission and a few ladies said no, but most of them said yes.


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    The Saturdays are slipping off the other end of the calendar and new ones are lining up for the rest of the trip. I have four more to experience, more interesting people to meet and a few more adventures to experience before I get to go home. I've had two Saturdays in Costa Rica, Two in Mexico, one in California, two Saturdays were in India, the next was Oman, then 2 in Dubai, one in NY, and now today in upstate NY. I gave in and slept for a few hours this afternoon. Yes, of course there are times when I have to stop and think.... 'now where am I' but I honestly do know where I am, these images are from upstate New York taken last week

    IMG_1677pamholland3FullSizeRender 62IMG_1671DSC00222P1170419_HDRDSC00216_HDRDSC00221_HDRDSC00210_HDRDSC00207DSC00195DSC00198DSC00205_HDRDSC00197_HDRDSC00196_HDRP1170413_HDRP1170417_HDR_peIMG_1677pamholland3FullSizeRender 62IMG_1671DSC00222P1170419_HDRDSC00216_HDRDSC00221_HDRDSC00210_HDRDSC00207DSC00195DSC00198DSC00205_HDRDSC00197_HDRDSC00196_HDRP1170413_HDRP1170417_HDR_pe

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    There is a pile of vintage quilts in the room I use waiting to be shipped home. In the mean time I sleep on and under them at each visit and the challenge of the bargain and the purchase is exciting. I keep those memories fresh when I use them daily in my home in Australia. The pasts have flown over the ocean and the hands that worked them are appreciated more than the maker ever imagined. What stories they could tell, but by using them, they are bought to life again.

    5Z8A4523pamholland3P1050469_pe_HDRP1170489P1170488DSC034715Z8A7538door TulieP1080779P11007085Z8A4523pamholland3P1050469_pe_HDRP1170489P1170488DSC034715Z8A7538door TulieP1080779P1100708

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    I sleep little the night before I leave. Goodness, I spend most of my life traveling, you’d think that I would be used to it. OK, yes I am, but it’s the fact that I need to have all my ducks in a row and I have been known to forget something... Like my undies for instance. Having to replace them in Thailand was hilarious. I’m not huge, but I’m also not Thai size!

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